You’re planning your Ibiza Wedding and it’s going to be incredible.
You’ve spent ages researching and choosing the perfect venue, the best Ibiza suppliers, and deciding your vibe.
All the hard work is done. You can sit back and relax for a while.
But then a married friend asks: “What are you doing for your Ceremony?”
“I don’t know”, you say.
Now you’re starting to think: “What does my married friend know that I don’t?”
What your married friend knows is that your Ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day, the most important part.
Yet so many couples overlook this meaningful custom and get swept up by decisions on cocktails, canapes, and the party.
You might not know it yet, but your Ceremony is the most exciting part of the wedding day.
Do you want to make it an incredible experience for both of you and your guests?
There’s a lot to consider.
But don’t worry, because by simply adding this one Secret Ingredient, you’ll have planned your perfect Ibiza Wedding Ceremony in no time at all.
And it will be something that you and your guests will LOVE.
First, let’s break down an Ibiza Wedding Ceremony.

An Ibiza Wedding Ceremony In Detail

Your Ceremony is the emotional centerpiece of your wedding day.
Weddings in Ibiza are filled with love, joy, and celebration, but they also have an island-magic that can’t be found anywhere else in the World.
There are a few key elements to your Wedding Ceremony and some questions you should think about. They include:
  • The Processional – Your entrance to the Ceremony and your walk down the aisle.
    Will someone accompany you? Will there be bridesmaids walking before you? How fast should you walk? What music do you want when you enter?

  • The Service
    Whom would you like to deliver the service? What type of service would you like? What part of your couple story should the Celebrant focus on? How long do you want this part of the Ceremony to be?
  • Readings
    Do you want friends and family to make any meaningful readings? Who will read? What reading materials will you use? Would you like something popular, traditional, alternative?
  • Exchanging vows
    Do you both want to write your own vows? Would you like to use something traditional and pre-written? Whats vows have you heard that speak to your values and how you feel about your partner?
  • Music
    Do you want to include music? Do you want live music or pre-recorded songs? What music complements your Ceremony?
  • Exchanging Rings
    Who will keep the rings beforehand and present them at the Ceremony? Would you like the rings blessed as part of the Ceremony before exchanging them?
  • Unity Rituals
    Is a Unity Ritual something you’d like to include as part of your Ceremony? What speaks to you – perhaps The Sand Ceremony, Handfasting, Lighting a Unity Candle, or another ritual?
  • First Kiss
    You don’t need any advice on this one. Go for it!
  • The Recessional – The walk back up the aisle, together
    Do you want to be showered in confetti by your guests? Will you stop to greet guests on the way back up the aisle? How fast should you walk?
As you can see, there’s quite a lot to consider.
But fear not, because this is where your Secret Ingredient gets added.
Your Secret Ingredient can bring everything together and help you create the perfect Wedding Ceremony.
What’s the Secret Ingredient? Your Wedding Celebrant.

What Is A Celebrant?

Your Celebrant is the person who marries you. They create and conduct your Wedding Ceremony. They are sometimes called an Officiant, Blesser, or Humanist Celebrant.
In Ibiza, Celebrants are different from Priests and Registrars as they have more flexibility. Priests and Registrars are confined to marrying couples in churches and other legal buildings. Their ceremonies include specific language which each couple must abide by. Celebrants are not restricted by legal or religious language and they can host a Ceremony in any location. Celebrants are free to create unique wedding ceremonies that reflect the personalities of a couple and honour them in a manner true to who they are.
Your Celebrant will consider every aspect of your Ceremony from start to finish. They will make the planning process simple for you.
Other great things about Ibiza Wedding Celebrants:
Celebrants Get To Know You Better
Unlike a Priest or Registrar, a Celebrant creates your Wedding Ceremony by getting to know you and your partner well. The Ceremony is formed almost entirely of the information you give them. You can expect to have lots of fun during your planning conversations, and a new friend at the end of it all.
Celebrants Set The Tone For The Wedding Day
Your Ibiza Wedding Ceremony is the key to your day of celebration. The right celebrant can join you and your partner in marriage, whilst truly bringing your guests into the day and making everyone feel at home in your venue. The love, happiness, and togetherness starts with the right Ceremony and the emotions flow into the rest of your wedding day.
Celebrants Can Be Storytellers
As part of their Wedding Ceremony, some couples enjoy their guests being told the story of how they met. Your Celebrant can tell your couple story in a captivating way and focus on the important milestones of your shared journey.
Celebrants Can Inspire You
Choosing your Celebrant should be one of your early decisions when planning. The right Celebrant can give you valuable ideas and inspiration for the direction of your day. They have a great sense of what might suit you.
Celebrants Can Be Your Main Point Of Contact For Smaller Ibiza Weddings And Elopements
If you are planning an intimate wedding or an elopement, choose your Celebrant first. Besides their traditional role, they can help you find great Ceremony locations, recommended suppliers, and give advice for what will suit the rest of your day after the Ceremony.
Celebrants Are An Oasis Of Calm On Your Wedding Day
Great Celebrants bring a sense of calm with them everywhere they go, which is a huge help for your nervous energy on the day (and will help some of your fussy family members and friends too! )



There are many things to consider for your Wedding Ceremony. If you want something beautiful and emotional that represents who you both are, and goes off without a hitch, then choosing the right Celebrant is important.
Your Celebrant will get to know you both and create a personal Ceremony that you & your guests will LOVE. It will set the tone for your wonderful wedding day and get things off on the right foot.
Great Celebrants do so much more than you realize, so book them early in your wedding planning and you’ll find everything that comes afterward much easier.

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