Warm, personal and joyful

I'm Oso

An International wedding celebrant. I imagine, create and deliver personal, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies.

My celebrations strive to join you both in a joyful, warm ritual, whilst honouring your family and friends, embracing everyone with a big bear-hug from the heart.

I light the fuse to a ceremonial explosion of love, connection and sheer happiness. Your wedding ceremony will be forever cherished, never forgotten.

Let’s do it for love.






"Oso! I have just read our ceremony script again. You had me crying here. It’s beautiful and brings all the feelings back to the surface. Very touching, yet to the point and so reflective. You are one of a kind, very gifted and I am so happy we found you."

—Monika & Pablo


"Can I be honest? I never expected the ceremony to be the high point of the day, but you made me see the light! You absolutely made our wedding and everybody loved you."

—Orla & David


"Every time I watch our wedding video I'm left speechless at what you said. You were right about the ceremony and I will never forget it - the heart and soul of our wedding day."

—Verity & Darren


"I find myself thinking "What would our day have been like without you?" We felt totally at ease with you from the first communication and we shared so much more with you than I expected, especially Andrew, I think you charmed him! I'm really glad we did because it made for the most incredible ceremony. I don't know how you do it, you are insightful and made connections I never imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

—Jessica & Andrew


"Oso writes the most personal, touching, heartfelt ceremonies. I think it's his genuine interest in people and caring nature that makes him ask the right questions and discover these unique details about each couple. You can feel he took his time to really get to know them. As a result, his ceremonies are filled with poetic metaphors defining the couple beautifully, and making them shine in front of their family and friends.

Apart from performing incredible rituals that will make all your guests cry, his friendly, happy character brings instant joy to your day and a big smile to your face."

—Sascha & Tomas, Tanit Wedding Films