In the age of online, planning your wedding has never been easier. You can look at vendor portfolios, read reviews, check out business profiles and research your big day, effortlessly, from the comfort of your sofa.

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“Visual” Wedding Vendors

When searching for destination wedding suppliers, there’s a literal ocean between you and the vendor. If you like the look of someone’s work, it’s unlikely you can arrange to meet them at your local coffee shop to suss them out. There’s a strong temptation to check out their website and social media, and then do everything else through email and DM’s. It’s easier than taking the time to schedule a call or video chat.

But should you do that with every creative professional you decide to hire for your day?

Take a look at this list of key wedding vendors:

What is one thing they all have in common?

Their work can be seen and experienced visually.

It’s quite easy to choose these types of visual wedding vendors without an immediate need for communication. Their website and social media channels can show you the quality of how their work looks.

You might be tempted to book these suppliers without the need for a proper conversation. After all, does it really matter what your hairdresser’s personality is like if she can give you gorgeous locks on your wedding day? Many brides don’t think so. Your photographer might be socially awkward, but do you really care, as long as he gets you those epic pictures you saw on your fave wedding blog? Perhaps not.

Your Celebrant Is A “Substance” Wedding Vendor

But what about the substance of your wedding? What about the powerful vows you’ll exchange and the deep emotions you’ll experience through your wedding ceremony? That’s something much harder to see in a portfolio, or experience on Instagram.

Your Ibiza Wedding Celebrant may be the only vendor where the substance of their work is communicated less visually and more verbally. The texture, emotion and feelings of your wedding ceremony are revealed through their words. And words matter.

Great Celebrants don’t just read a few ceremonial paragraphs, sip a glass of bubbles and pootle off home. They create an experience that you and your guests will draw upon. It will be etched in your mind and remembered forever.

You experience their work through their personality, warm words and ability to create a joyful celebration.

The final result is how they made you and your wedding guests feel.  The very essence that memories are made of.

When researching your wedding Celebrant, you need to arrange a phone or video call with them before booking. This is not a supplier you can find without a good conversation.

Here are 3 reasons you need to speak with your potential Ibiza Wedding Celebrant before booking them:

To Discover Their Personality

Your Celebrant is the person who represents you and your partner at your wedding ceremony. Their personality should reflect who you both are and how you communicate with the world. Your Celebrant should be charming, welcoming and articulate, with an easy ability to connect with both of you and your guests. What other qualities would you like to see in your Celebrant? Speaking with your potential choices will give you a strong picture of how he or she works and conducts themself.

To Hear Their Voice

Have you considered what your Celebrant sounds like? Your wedding Celebrant should have a powerful, warm voice that resonates with you and your guests and makes everyone want to listen. Do you like their tone of voice and the way they speak? Is it soothing or jarring? You might only get a glimpse of this through their website and social media, so having a conversation with them is key to making the right choice.

To See How They Answer Your Questions

Anyone can make themselves look and sound great on their website and social media, but what are they like in real life? Does your Celebrant speak the way he or she writes online? A phone or video chat will uncover this and help you make a decision.


Speaking with a potential Celebrant allows them to connect with you earlier in the planning process and invest in your wedding day from the beginning. This is key if you want a truly personal ceremony that reflects your shared history, personalities and beliefs.

It’s tempting to pick your wedding Celebrant based on what you see online, but resist the urge, be patient and schedule phone or video calls with a couple of them instead. Use the reasons above as the basis of your conversation. Make the right choice and your ceremony will be everything you deserve, and the very heart of your Ibiza wedding.

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